Milwaukee Bucks makes NBA history by become the earliest team to get a playoff spot

Milwaukee Bucks has made their way to being the top seed of the Eastern Conference as they won 70 games and officially clinched the top spot of the playoff but it was all just a formality for them. Their spot in the postseason is now secured and while doing so they also made a little bit of the NBA history.

After the Washington Wizards lost their Sunday night game, the Milwaukee Bucks has become the first team this season to clinch a playoff berth on February 23rd. this is the earliest date that any team in NBA has recorded in the sport’s history. Milwaukee Bucks was able to beat the previous record of 25th February which was set by Golden State Warriors back in 2017.

The Milwaukee Bucks currently are at the top of the Eastern Conference with their league-best record of 48-8 after having their decisive last game against the Philadelphia 76ers. They are still on the path to grab 70 wins,  a revered mark that has only been ever reached by 2 teams of NBA.

At the moment, Milwaukee Bucks are at the first spot in the defensive rating of the league while their offensive rating is 3rd best in the league. They have a net rating of 11.8 which is 5 points higher than the Toronto Raptors and the LA Lakers.

The playoffs for this season of NBA will start on 18th April which is about 2 months from now.

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