Pistons cruise past Cavaliers by 113-102 under Drummond’s lead

Before the matchup of Detroit Pistons VS Cleveland Cavaliers; Dwayne Casey the Pistons’ coach stressed to his team the importance of a good start for the match.

Casey said to the team, “When the bell rings, we have got to be ready and play fast and play together. We have been making a slow start and this time we cannot afford that”.

Casey still has complaints about his team’s Monday night start but he is also happy as the Detroit Pistons moved past Cleveland Cavaliers with a win by 113-102.

Andre Drummond took the lead for Pistons as he scored 23 points and 16 rebounds for the night. Blake Griffin then added in other 21 points and 12 rebounds and finally, Reggie Bullock made 21 points for Pistons win.

Cavilers are at their worst in the NBA this season with 2-13 and now they are up against LA Lakers with their old player LeBron James on Wednesday night.

Cavs were led by Sexton who scored 18 points and Jordan Clarkson added in another 16 points.

Despite winning, during the fourth quarter, four of the Pistons’ players; Stanley Johnson, Jose Calderon, and Reggie Jackson were called out for technical fouls for a span of 103 seconds.

Detroit Pistons are to face off against Houston Rockets on Wednesday night next.

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