Taylor VS Wahlstrom; Katie Taylor Wins over Eva Wahlstrom in shut out points

On the Saturday night female boxing bout of Taylor VS Wahlstrom, Katie Taylor was able to overwhelm her opponent Eva Wahlstrom in the ten-round fight to win by shutout points.

In her fourth fight this year, Taylor showed the crowd her blistering speed and a flurry of combinations to win the match by unanimous decision through three scores of 100-90.

With this fight, 32 years old has now retained both her WBA and IBF titles and is 12-0 on her professional record.

Wahlstrom, the current WBC Super-featherweight fighter with a record of 23-0 was overawed by Katie from the opener. Taylor aka “The Bray Bomber” came swinging in three left hooks behind the guard to make the opener one-sided.

Taylor, bouncing on her toes and judging the distance made some nice salvos in the next round before landing in some body shots to her opponent’s body in the third round.

Finnish challenge had a hard time countering Taylor’s attack so she changed her tactics in the fifth round to match fire with fire. However, her change in tactics backfired as he ate a thudding right hand from Taylor.

After that, Taylor’s aggressive style took control for the rest of the fight. Wahlstrom tried to engage in the eighth but came off short on her efforts as a punch drew a cut over her forehead.

Looking to make a big finish, Taylor started a delivery of body shots in the tenth round but Wahlstrom survived to hear the final bell.

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