Tyson Fury defeats Braun Strowman to get first win of his WWE debut at the Crown Jewel

Tyson Fury started his WWE debut with a win in a fight against Braun Strowman aka Monster Among Men. He defeated the giant wrestling champ with a countdown win.

tyson Fury, The British boxer fought against Strowman in his professional wrestling debut fight held in Saudi Arabia at the Crown Jewel.

Tyson Fury entered the arena while wearing the Saudi traditional dress and was surrounded by lasers and fireworks as he stepped inside the wrestling ring for the first time in his career.

Their match lasted a whole 8 minutes before coming to an end as Tyson Fury hit the heavy Strowman with his right-hand punch to send him flying out of the ring.

Strowman was unable to get back on his feet while outside the ring and as the referee started the count and reached a full 10 allowing for Tyson Fury to win by the count-out.

In other fights of the event, The Fiend becomes the new Universal Champion following his win against Seth Rollins.  Rollins fell through 2 tables whereas Fiend fell inside the production area. However, Fiend was able to battle his way back to a win with his Sister Abigail to become the Universal champion in his 3rd match.

For the opening night match of Brock Lesnar VS Cain Velasquez, Lesnar was able to retain his WWE Championship belt by submitting his opponent to a deadly Kimura Lock.

Following the end of the fight, Rey Mysterio broke through Lesnar’s hold by hitting him with a chair but unfortunately for Cain, he received the F5 on the very same chair to put an end of the fight.

As for the historic first match of women in Saudi Arabia, Natalya was able to win over Lacey Evans. She got the win by forcing her opponent to tap out by performing a Sharpshooter move of submission.

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