Washington Redskins are signing Mark Sanchez as their new QB after losing Alex Smith

According to the NFL reports as of today, Washington Redskins are signing a new quarterback after their previous quarterback Alex Smith suffered a career-ending injury. The new quarterback they signed is the veteran of NFL; Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez was among the many options for Redskins on Monday morning when he was decided to be their new quarterback. Other players who were potential candidates for the Redskins quarterback position were Kellen Clemens, Josh Johnson, EJ Manuel, and T.J. Yates.

On short week basis, Colt McCoy is going to be the starter for Redskins after Alex Smith broke his right tibia and fibula of his leg on Sunday’s game. Washington Redskins are set to play against Dallas Cowboys on Thursday at the eve of Thanksgiving.

Sanchez chances for the signing were better as he was already familiar with Redskins offense.

Matt Cavanaugh; defensive coordinator for the Redskins had been the quarterback coach for the New York Jets from the year 2009 to 2012 were Sanchez was the starter.

32 years old Sanchez spent last part of the 2017’s NFL season with Chicago Bears and has not been part of any team ever since.

Sanchez is the man who guided Jets to the AFC Championship Game in 2009 and 2010 seasons.

He also started 10 games for the Philadelphia Eagles in two seasons.

All in all, Sanchez has thrown 15219 passing yards along with 86 TDs and 86 interceptions since he was signed in NFL back in 2009.

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