Lakers past Cavs by 109-105 under LeBron’s lead

Cleveland sent a great video tribute towards LeBron with words at the end “Thank You LeBron”.

After eight years of being treated like a tug, LeBron was welcomed properly by Cleveland.

Under the same banner where he led Cavs for 11 seasons, James made a return to Cleveland as a Lakers and rallied his team past to a win by 109-105 on Wednesday night against Cleveland Claviers. Cavs played a tremendously great game of the season yet but were unable to stop their former best player.

James finished the night with his 32 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 assists. Despite being playing his former team there was no derogatory signs or venom spewed at him, instead, there was love and respect all night for him and he felt it.

James after the game said, “From the time my team landed here yesterday, we felt different. I am a different person now. We are all different from when we were 8 years ago. Still the experience tonight was great. It’s all about growth and we have all certainly grown since 8 years ago. I leave past in past and focus on the present to see what will happen in future”.

Cavs were led by Jordan Clarkson who scored 20 points whereas Tristan Thompson scored 14 points with his 15 rebounds for the night.

LA Lakers will now host Utah Jazz on Friday and as for Cleveland Cavaliers, they will be playing against Philadelphia 76ers.

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