Raptors over Magic 93-91; Green’s magnificent last second shot lifts Raptors for the win

Danny Green was looking helplessly from the paint as Evan Fournier dribbled past him and dunked the ball with only 2.3 seconds left to the game.

However Green feeding on the confidence from their first-year coach Nick Nurse decided to redeem his tea on the next play.

With only 1 second left to the game, Green made a jumper shot that resulted in Toronto Raptors win over Orlando Magic by 93-91 on Tuesday night. He was able to lay the shot after he was caught an inbound pass from Kyle Lowry with 2.3 seconds left to the game and hit a jumper with 0.5 seconds left to the game.

Green said to media, “most coaches would not go for a player who makes a mistake at the crucial time of the game but Nick trusts us 100 percent. He encourages us to play through pour mistakes. It was nice to make one splendid shot after missing out few throughout the game.”

Fournier led the Magic’s with 27 points, 22 of which were scored by him in the second half. Aaron Gordon added in 16 points whereas Vucevic added in 14 points and 18 rebounds for team’s win. With this win, Orlando Magic’s have won their third straight game.

Raptors are going to finish their four-game road trip on Wednesday night when they play against the Atlanta Hawks. As for Orlando Magic, they will be facing against Denver Nuggets on Friday night in the sixth game of Western Conference.

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