Nigel Levine; British sprinter suspended after being handed down a four-year doping ban

Nigel Levine; the British sprinter has been handed down four years doping ban and is currently suspended for participating in all kind of sporting events. He was handed down this ban after being found in violation of the UK Anti Doping agency’s rules. The news has been confirmed by UK’s Anti Doping Agency.

Levine before his ban was the member of Great Britain’s 4*400 meter relay team. He was found positive after test for the presence of the prohibited substance; Clenbuterol which is an anabolic agent. The testing was carried out for the November 24th, 2017’s out of the competition.

Nicole Sapstead; the UKAD Chief said to media, “all athletes must adhere to the principles of strict liability and are only held responsible due to substances being found out in their system”.

He further stated, “Mr. Levine; who is an elite athlete has competed in Olympic Games, European and World Championships is aware of the significance of the anti-doping rules and its violations. It was up to role models like Mr. Levine that they must hold on to the standard which comes with anti-doping”.

Clenbuterol is a drug that is used for the treatment of asthma is being widely used by athletes and bodybuilders for burning body fat and boost up their aerobic capacity. Due to these reasons of performance enhancement, this dug is on the prohibited list of UKAD.

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