Venus Williams agrees settlement related to the fatal car crash in 2017

Venus Williams has finally reached the settlement for the wrongful death in the fatal car crash that happened last year.

Court records have shown that Venus Williams and the Family of Jerome Barson who were involved in the fatal crash accident of July 9th, 2017 have finally reached the agreement which left MR Barson fatally injured.

Local Police ahead of the court proceedings cleared Mrs. Linda Barson and Venus Williams who were driving on the night of car crash from any charges.

According to police reports, a third vehicle crossed Venus Williams as she was trying to cross the busy six-lane highway near her residence.

This sudden cross over from the third party caused a chain of events to happen that ended in a crash with Linda Barson crashing into the passenger side of Venus Williams’s car.

Jerome Barson was fatally injured in this crash and died after 13 days. As for Linda Barson, she suffered from injuries of a broken arm and broken ribs.

Williams, on the other hand, was unhurt in this whole accident.

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