Atlanta Falcons 17-31 New Orleans Saints; Drew Brees four TD passes to different WR led the Saints win

On the Thursday and Thanksgiving night game of Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints, Saints came out victorious by 17-31. Drew Brees was yet again magnificent as he threw four TD passes to different wide receivers on the night.

Brees completed 15 of his 22 passes for 171 yards as Saints gained the control of the match with 150 yards combined from Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

Saints who are 10-1 focused on their defense and as for Falcons who are 4-7 were smothered in their running attack.


Falcons 0-7 Saints: Drew Brees made a 28-yard touchdown pass to Tommylee Lewis.

Falcons 3-7 Saints: Matt Bryant made a 32-yard field goal.


Falcons 3-10 Saints: Lutz made a 22-yard field goal.

Falcons 3-17 Saints: Brees made a 12-yard touchdown pass to Austin Carr.


Falcons 3-24 Saints: Brees made a 25-yard touchdown pass to Dan Arnold.

Falcons 10-24 Saints: Matt Ryan made a two-yard touchdown pass to Calvin Ridley.


Falcons 10-31 Saints: Brees made a five-yard touchdown pass to Keith Kirkwood.

Falcons 17-31 Saints: Ryan made a four-yard touchdown pass to Tevin Coleman.

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